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Year : 2010  |  Volume :3  |  Issue : 2  |  Page : 45-47  

Prosthodontic considerations in Parkinson’s disease

Rajeswari C.L.
Department of Perosthodontics, K.L.E. Society’s Institute of Dental Sciences, Bangalore-56002 (Karnataka)


Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder characterized by tremors, rigidity, bradykinesia and postural instability. The prevalence of this disease varies greatly throughout the world, though India has low prevalence but in Parsi community of Mumbai, its prevalence is 328.3 per 100,000. The incidence of disease increases with age. The physical disability of these patients  compromises their daily activities including food intake and oral hygiene. Due to poor oral hygiene the extent of dental caries and edentulism increases therefore, the number of these patients attending dental clinic is increasing. This article reviews the clinical features, orofacial findings and the Prosthodontic management of such patients.

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